Jaron Lanier and The Garden of Earthly Delights

Jaron Lanier - R. Williamson

Jaron Lanier 

Virtual Reality maven Jaron Lanier, now in the employ of Microsoft, is on the talk show circuit for his new book, ‘Dawn of the New Everything; Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality’.

One thing that comes up repeatedly is a description of himself as a geeky adolescent living in a half-finished geodesic dome in the desert listening to Bach while looking at paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, such as The Garden of Earthly Delights.  It was during those moments that he first started to imagine artists creating complete other worlds.

Quite a resume for a teenager – he attended New Mexico State University at 13 and did graduate level work, got a grant from the National Science Foundation to study mathematical notation, studied art in New York a bit later, and worked as a midwife for a short time soon after turning 20.

The Garden of Earthly Delights - (detail); Hieronymus Bosch

The Garden of Earthly Delights – (detail); Hieronymus Bosch



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Aaron Murray at the Salty Dog

Aaron Murray in his studio

Aaron Murray in his studio

Aaron Murray has had a space in the Salty Dog building for about 3 years. Not quite in the main building, his space is more like a tiny shed that’s barely attached. Somehow, out of this barely improved space he makes an amazing amount and variety of work – ceramic figures, pelicans, poison bottles, beer cans, robots, lumpen bottles, and owls, I mean a lot of owls.

Besides the Salty Dog Showroom, his work can be found in Seattle at the two Kobo locations, occasional Nordstrom pop-up stores, and up north in Edison, at the Lucky Dumpster. Recently, his work was included in a show of outsider art in Paris.

Pelicans by Aaron Murray

Pelicans; by Aaron Murray

Blue Owl; by Aaron Murray

Blue Owl; by Aaron Murray

Skull Box; by Aaron Murray

Skull Box; by Aaron Murray


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Open Studio at Salty Dog Show, Friday Dec. 1

Salty Dog Holiday Show flyer 2017 (sml)

A last-minute flyer announcing the Holiday Show which opens tomorrow at the Salty Dog Building, near the Ballard Bridge at 4602 14th Ave NW in Seattle. The annual show features the many and varied ceramicists who work here, but some of the other artists there will display their work. I’ll be showing some of my recent paintings on glass, canvas, and paper on the main floor and also in my third floor space (walk-up only).  This is the only occasion this year that I’ve opened my studio and I’ll have a looping slide show of my past work projected on the easel wall.

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Random Parrot

Parrot study (iPad); (sml)

An early Procreate drawing that I did to test various tools, texture and layering on the iPad.

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Salty Dog Xmas Event – 2017

S Dog Xmas - 2017 revised (sml)

My new flyer for the annual Xmas show put on by the buildings ceramicists (mainly). I’ll have a few random pieces on display and studio will be open for the only time this year for the opening night.

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