Salty Dog Raku Party 2017

The flyer says it all ...

The flyer says it all …

… except to mention that you are welcome to bring you own pieces to fire (bisque them first), or simply glaze one of the simple cups or shapes that the building will have on hand for that purpose.

I always find it jaw-dropping when the cherry red hot kiln is opened up in the alleyway once the sun has gone down.

Timed to coincide with the summer solstice.

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Senior Couple Crossing Leary

street crossing couple-(sml)

Sightings of distracted people looking at their smartphones as they cross the street are the norm these days; what set this couple apart was their apparent age. Early seventies I would guess, a nimble and distracted early seventies.

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Ernest Hilsenberg Sculpture

Giant Ball - E Hilsenberg; 5/17

Giant Ball – E Hilsenberg; 5/17

Ernest Hilsenberg, ceramicist and sculptor, has been a studio neighbor of mine in industrial Ballard for many years now.  He is one of several artists who comprise the founding fathers here at our venerable old warehouse building, The Salty Dog.

E Hilsenberg - long boat detail

E Hilsenberg – long boat detail

Long a sculptor in clay, over the last 5 years he has thrown himself into experimentation in  forms that are built up with concrete over metal armatures. He then uses colored grouts, paints, and dry pigment to essentially turn the forms into dimensional canvases.

E Hilsenberg - Sculpture detail 2

E Hilsenberg – Sculpture detail 2

A marriage of painting and sculpture, highly textured and with gestural passages among the bright patches of color, these pieces are unusual and worth seeking out. They will be part of show on Bainbridge Island that is opening today at the a gallery on the main drag – Bainbridge Arts and Crafts – 151 Winslow Way E. This is short walk from the ferry landing, a pleasant boat ride from downtown Seattle.

More work from Ernest can be found at his website,, as well as this quote from Rabelais:

“For all your pain

I give you laughter”……..


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Adam & Eve – Submerged

Adam & Eve - Sommerso

Adam & Eve – Submerged

My last addition to the small show of work currently at Fresh Flours Cafe on Beacon Hill (Seattle). Up through the end of May.

I’ll be doing a few more versions of these two, sticking with the ‘submerged’ theme, but don’t expect to see them until later this summer.


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Hail the Leaker in Chief (gif)

Leaker in Chief - R. Williamson

Leaker in Chief – R. Williamson

It’s been a long while since I’ve wanted to take time to skewer the president, essentially nothing since he was inaugurated. I told myself that when I finally did something new, that it would be substantive, avoiding cheap shots. … and yet, this is what came out.

Mind you, given the situation, I’d rather that he leak and blindside his aides.

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