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Senior Couple Crossing Leary

Sightings of distracted people looking at their smartphones as they cross the street are the norm these days; what set this couple apart was their apparent age. Early seventies I would guess, a nimble and distracted early seventies.

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Camille Paglia at Seattle Public Library

I caught Camille Paglia‘s brief appearance at Seattles Downtown Public Library yesterday evening and enjoyed watching her ping pong around at hyperspeed bouncing between spearing the dismal failure of university administrators to defend college affordability to the singing of a multigenerational community of … Continue reading

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Grand Acclaim for the Joint Address

… way to be looking Presidential. Bravo!  

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Stop Light Panhandlers in Seattle Rain

These four old time heavy metal fans were trying to make the best of a bad situation last week on the corner of Boren and Fairview. Drawn from memory when the image popped back into my head a few days … Continue reading

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Trump Putin Russian Doll Gif

Taking another run at doing a custom gif for mobile distribution. Using Animation Creator HD on my iPad Pro, drawing with the Apple Pencil. Run through iMovie and imported/saved with Gif Maker Pro. Seems small for the blog page but … Continue reading

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