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Apples worst product ever

September is here and Apple fans are looking forward to hear about new advancements and offerings at the company’s Fall Event on September 12th. I’m one of those people who will be paying attention and I count myself as a big … Continue reading

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Web Page Header Art for Therapy Practice

Tasked with making new header art for a psychotherapist I went looking for what was typically out there already on other therapist web sites. What I tended to see was a lot of photography, often just stock nature images – beaches, forests, … Continue reading

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A Lawyer Walks into the Godzilla Bar …

The once and future Tanakasan, a casual asian fusion restaurant that opened two years ago in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, always had a thing for Godzilla. Kitschy Godzilla toys were scattered about the bar area, small sized and plastic, but indicative … Continue reading

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Web Illustrations for Therapist

These quiet nature illustrations were the first things that I’ve done on a recently acquired iPad Pro used the Apple pencil. Drawing on glass takes some getting used to, feels weird frankly. None of the toothy drag that you get … Continue reading

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Analog Fever – getting beyond nostalgia and backlash

“Just a couple of years ago bits seemed so unstoppable. Does the recent vogue for the physical suggest a decisive backlash — a regression in the direction of wax cylinders and stone tablets? It does not. What’s going on instead … Continue reading

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