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Jaron Lanier and The Garden of Earthly Delights

Virtual Reality maven Jaron Lanier, now in the employ of Microsoft, is on the talk show circuit for his new book, ‘Dawn of the New Everything; Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality’. One thing that comes up repeatedly is a description … Continue reading

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Random Parrot

An early Procreate drawing that I did to test various tools, texture and layering on the iPad.

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Hokusai Manga – reimagined for Dragonfish Cafe

  For the sushi bar section of the Dragonfish Cafe project, I’ve assembled a suite of 5 sketches from ‘Hokusai Manga’. Working from tiny, fuzzed out prints, I redrew these figures on my iPad Pro, allowing me to get the … Continue reading

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Apples worst product ever

September is here and Apple fans are looking forward to hear about new advancements and offerings at the company’s Fall Event on September 12th. I’m one of those people who will be paying attention and I count myself as a big … Continue reading

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Web Page Header Art for Therapy Practice

Tasked with making new header art for a psychotherapist I went looking for what was typically out there already on other therapist web sites. What I tended to see was a lot of photography, often just stock nature images – beaches, forests, … Continue reading

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