Burke Gilman Trail – Autumn

Burke Gilman Trail - autumn; R Williamson

Burke Gilman Trail – autumn; R Williamson

A random iPad sketch done late yesterday afternoon as the sunlight was briefly golden. On a whim I attended a session at the University Village Apple store – ‘Observational Drawing’, part of their Sketch Walks series. Talk about casual, it was just me and two Apple Store employees, walking down the nearby bike trail and chatting about drawing apps. We all ended up using ProCreate to do our sketches before it got too cold to continue.

I would recommend these no-cost sessions to anyone who is interested sharing technique and app tips around the iPad Pro. They have a wide variety of offerings under the Today at Apple moniker. How cool to have a drop in drawing group as part of a retail store experience.

It’s snowing in Seattle this morning as I write this.

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