La felicità è …

Peanuts ... Italian style ℅ Fantagraphics Publishing

Peanuts … Italian style ℅ Fantagraphics Publishing

Happiness is – walking into Fantagraphics retail store in Georgetown (Seattle, WA), ask about any titles in Italian and find out that they stock the Panini Comics editions (in Italian) of classic Peanut strips.

Perfect way to brush up on natural dialogue to keep from getting too rusty …

I find it a great help when reading in a second language to have some familiarity with the original rhythm and tone, whether it’s Peanuts or Maus. Great study aids.

Plugging Fantagraphic Books here too, the nations premier publisher of graphic novels, & comics, both new work and classic strips collected in hardbound editions. Some titles are quite unexpected, one soon to arrive title is by Robert Reich, ‘Economics in Wonderland’. The line art that you see in his instructive videos are his own, he takes a marker and large sketch pad to his lectures.

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  1. Brian A. Berg says:

    Great. I love Pranuts.

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