Water World – at Wheelhouse Coffee; October ’17

Wheelhouse; mini-flyer; 10-17 (sml)

A new show of work is on display this month at Wheelhouse Coffee in downtown Seattle. Located 2 blocks away from the glass Amazon bio-domes, (still under construction) at 2113 Westlake Ave.  The show features 8 pieces, both wall sculptures and glass painting, most of which relate to the water, immersed figures, and the color blue.

'Built Figure - Descending'; R Williamson 2016

Wall sculpture pieces on display at Wheelhouse Coffee

The walls in the wedge shaped cage are somewhat limited, with most of the work mounted on the far back wall. A few earlier pieces are included, seen only once in a show on Phinney Ridge a year ago. Expect a few small additions as I finish two small drawings in the next week.

‘Built Figure – Descending’ – R Williamson; 2016


'Lilies/Water Woman'; R Williamson 2017

‘Lilies/Water Woman’; R Williamson 2017

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