The Apple of Strawberries?

Humble backyard strawberry - R Williamson

Humble backyard strawberry of unknown provenance

The New York had an article a month or so ago dealing with one companies laser focus on developing the best commercial strawberry possible. ‘How Driscolls Reinvented the Strawberry’, by Dana Goodyear.

An in-depth, fascinating read, with ‘the Joy Makers’, microcracking, Fragaria chiloensis, methyl anthranilate, and lab intrique. A quote that jumped out early in the article was from a berry exec reaching for the mandatory Apple analogy  –

Speaking with a legal newspaper, Driscoll’s senior vice-president and general counsel compared the company to its neighbors in Silicon Valley. “Growers are sort of like our manufacturing plants,” he said. “We make the inventions, they assemble it, and then we market it, so it’s not that dissimilar from Apple using someone else to do the manufacturing but they’ve made the invention and marketed the end product.” Like Apple, Driscoll’s guards its I.P. jealously.

Somehow I think Apple would take issue with that.

Also features a nice animated illustration by Jack Sachs. The one above though is just a sketch from my backyard.


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