The Visitor – Dan Webb at Greg Kucera Gallery

'The Visitor'; by Dan Webb; carved fir; at Greg Kucera Gallery; 9/17

‘The Visitor’; Dan Webb
carved fir
Greg Kucera Gallery; 9/17

From among the new works at this months first Thursday openings in Seattle, a piece by sculptor Dan Webb that took me by surprise. As you enter the gallery, you’re presented with the back sides, blank sawn slabs of a giant fir. Seeing the figure emerging was a bit like Michelangelo’s Awakening Slaves still half caught in stone. Showing at Greg Kucera Gallery through this month, along with some clever trompe l’oeil photographic prints by Chris Engman.

Dan Webbs disarming artist statement, in its entirety:

“I’m not an artist because of all the contemporary art I saw as a kid — I was inspired by a lot of other things that didn’t bother to call themselves art at all. And while I’m not even sure what art is exactly, it seems unlikely that it only exists in certain rooms, in certain buildings, in certain cities. It’s everywhere, if you look hard enough.

That means art is free of a permanent address. At best it’s just a visitor, showing up in surprising places at surprising times.

What I’m trying to do is just extend an invitation.”

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