Apples worst product ever

Lightning cord break

The Lightning Cord Achilles Heel

September is here and Apple fans are looking forward to hear about new advancements and offerings at the company’s Fall Event on September 12th. I’m one of those people who will be paying attention and I count myself as a big fan and end user.

The thing that I anticipate the most, in the ‘oh, and one more thing’ category, is the announcement that the company will finally address the horrid design flaw in their proprietary lightning cable. Time after time, these cables fail dependably within a quarter inch of where the cable length enters the thicker plug shaft.

When this first happened, I thought that I might have a defective cable or perhaps had mistreated it. But then a second cable suffered the same fate, with the cable sheathing rupturing, exposing the wire guts inside. At one time I took a small handful of these ugly things to my local Apple Store to get some sort of explanation. After some coaching by the sales person on how to jump through the hoops, I was awarded a couple of new replacements for my trouble, (which later failed in the same way). I now baby the bajeezuz out of my lightning cables but come on Apple, you can solve this and prevent all the solid waste and expense and frustration that goes into dealing with these basic things. Sweating the details is part of your DNA, so let’s see this detail get some love.

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