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Peanuts ... Italian style ℅ Fantagraphics Publishing

Peanuts … Italian style ℅ Fantagraphics Publishing

Happiness is – walking into Fantagraphics retail store in Georgetown (Seattle, WA), ask about any titles in Italian and find out that they stock the Panini Comics editions (in Italian) of classic Peanut strips.

Perfect way to brush up on natural dialogue to keep from getting too rusty …

I find it a great help when reading in a second language to have some familiarity with the original rhythm and tone, whether it’s Peanuts or Maus. Great study aids.

Plugging Fantagraphic Books here too, the nations premier publisher of graphic novels, & comics, both new work and classic strips collected in hardbound editions. Some titles are quite unexpected, one soon to arrive title is by Robert Reich, ‘Economics in Wonderland’. The line art that you see in his instructive videos are his own, he takes a marker and large sketch pad to his lectures.

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Dragonfish – restaurant art and decor program

Dragonfish - entry sketch showing live wall and custom lighting

Dragonfish – entry sketch showing live wall and custom lighting

I recently embarked on creating a comprehensive art and decor program for Dragonfish Cafe. A Seattle restaurant in the Paramount Hotel, Dragonfish underwent its second remodel since opening 20 years ago earlier this year. For some reason, the walls were left blank, a bare canvas to work on. These are just a few of the hand-drawn renderings of various concepts that we’re planning to implement.

Dragonfish dining room - lantern wall sketch

Dragonfish dining room – lantern wall sketch

These presentation sketches were done on an iPad Pro, using an Apple pencil in Procreate. Further coloring done in Photoshop.

Dragonfish - private dining (sml)

Dragonfish – private dining room sketch

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The Joy of Dunking

dunking gif 2

Dunking is how I start my day. It can get a bad rap sometimes, so my eyes lit up when I turned the page to a New York Times magazine piece devoted to the wonders of dunking.

You don’t have to be Italian to dunk with abandon, but it probably helps. There are certain rock hard biscotti they make that you would never consider eating unless you dunked. (Cantuccini in Vin Santo comes to mind …)


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Flowers Black at Hotel Albatross

Flowers Black

Flowers Black

Caught Flowers Black last Monday at Hotel Albatross in Ballard. Just a name, no hotel involved, never any vacancies; nice place though to see a local band like this playing their unique brand of space blues.

Rebecca Young on upright bass, Aimee Zoe drums and vocals, and Darren Loucas on guitar and vocals.

Alternating during the evening with the high energy vocals of Les Beatty of the Qual Cups with ace guitarist Kurt Bloch … great stuff.

iPad sketches in the semi-dark …

Leslie Beatty of the Qual Cups with Kurt ...

Leslie Beatty of the Qual Cups with Kurt Bloch on guitar

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Trumps Tats

Trumps Tats - R Williamson; 10/17

Trumps Tats – R Williamson; 10/17

… animated version coming before too long …

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